Here is a list of all ftprints11 recordings recorded, some released and available!. All music written and performed by Richard Rummery (ftprints11) with special guests.


Wanderlust (1999, unreleased)

View from Nowhere (2001, unreleased))

Colourblind (2003)

Unsound (2006)

Thump (2006)

Violet Millions (2007)

Number of the Soul (2008)

Cinderella's Guts (2007)

 Traces of Desire (2008)

Psychopathology (2008)

One on One (2009)

 Flex (2008)

Traces of desire I

Reflexion (2010)

The Kissing Tree (2011)

Sandy (2013)

Dictation (2012)

Traces of desire (II)

new cd out soon!