Australian flexrocker  singlehandedly writes and produces all the music from Armidale NSW.  Richard W. Rummery has created a unique fusion of style and genre, song and idea designated by the term Flexrock.  Easily accessible, it reveals its hidden depths in time with each song a world within itself addressed to the listener, and not to other music.  As an all-rounder, or specialist generalist with a passion for knowledge in diverse areas, Rummery is a distinguished  Philosopher whose specializations include The Psychology of Philosophy, Music, Sound and Mind, Cultural Psychology, Technology and Self-production; he has written, and published extensively including the world's first definitive account on the Concept of Narcissism, which he has analysed as a Meta-concept which has purchase and relevance to every branch of the tree of Philosophy, and indeed all humanity. His major work on Identity, Subjectivity and Language:  Cliché: Seizure of the Imagination, which advances the work of Dutch Sociologist Anton Zidjefeld, has been widely lauded as an essential analysis and critique of the supercedure of meaning by function. Rummery's rare live performances reveal many facets of his extraordinary multi-dimensional abilities as songwriter, multi-musician and performer. Influenced by Bowie, Gabriel, Fixx, U2, Genesis and Frank Zappa, Rummery "mines and develops new possibilities in musical structure and theme, psycho-musicological and visceral, achieving a unified organisation of sound and word which speaks for itself, just as it speaks to the listener, for which his music is created."  (D.S Stierfeild, Music Critic, The Canadian Musician, Feb. 2016)

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"Rummery is perhaps the world's first bona fide  Pop Philosppher, .... whose unique approach to music as essential communication breathes fire into the hope that corporate methods, marketing pragmatics, piracy and music theft by individuals will not halt the evolution of 'organised sound'. Ultimately these contrary interests to a non-profit way of life  will fail to distort or even destroy the social and individual viability for life that is presented in musical forms."  Robert B. Strongthorpe, Clandestine Arts Review Quarterly, May, 2016  

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View from Nowhere (2002)          Colourblind (2002)

 Unsound                          Thump                        

                                             Reflexion          Violet Millions        

 The Kissing tree                           Sandy                

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 Broadjam - with lyrics   Qualia 

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Based in Armidale in Australia, songwriter, multi-musician, producer and philosopher Richard W. Rummery has a unique approach to pop and rock, performing all instruments and vocals, engineering and producing it himself, he has acheived a level of coherence which enables new avenues of meaning and musical significance to be experienced and appreciated by listeners who seek more depth and diversity in the subjective soundtrack to their lives and loves. Subverting genre classifications and styles with a fresh aproach this is the sound of now and fusing the traditional with fresh cultural, psychological, spiritual and social relevance, ftprints11 has produced an extensive and diverse range of music without compromising the fun of pop or the authentic physicality of rock. Since ftprints11 transcends categories and is more than just versatile, reflexive and flexible, it fits into both none and many of the usual genre classifications, then his experimental approach to music of the popular is described as Flexrock. Check out the diverse range of material Rummery has created and see why this artist is a significant contributor to modern musical forms, one that is uncompromised by commercial limitations.