Music involves one in an intimate and deep relationship with their own emotional reactions and interpretations. One meets themselves in the journey of a song, but may not recognise themself. Much like a dream, when a song or piece of music is heard, it can get to you; it can work itself into your mind, inhabiting your unconscious. Songs evoke memories and emotions which are unique to us, yet they are inspired by the very same sound that others hear. But no two people hear exactly the same thing, nor do they experience the same reaction. However, this is not what record companies want. They would rather that the consumers reaction was predictable so they can market more music to you even more efficiently. Young people are being trained, or programmed, by mass media and marketing techniques and music is the most powerful element of persuasion of them all, simply because people don't take pop music seriously. But they should; it can change the world and is already doing it. The corporates do not realise how important it is to a self, a culture and the sharing of an expressed ideal. They do know how lucrative it is for them to exploit the power of pop musicians and writers for thier own ends. They do not care what music is sold as long as it is selling. No doubt we will have to endure a string of Michael Jacksons 'new' material - which is in fact dated, second-tier songs and out-takes. How can it be new when it is not? What is new is what you have not heard before, that's all. Music brings minds together in concert, and in this shared meaning experience there is no time or place, just the eternal longings of the human heart. Desire fills our hearts but music comes from the heart, and it will find its way back there if one is listening to the songwriters. I don't mean that formulaic and trite shit, or crap dance music (the Australian Aborigines only needed clapsticks to have a rave party -  a corroboree - so what is the big deal in making people dance? Mating rituals may need a little throbbing music to aid success, but it is the sale of alcohol, ecxtasy, speed etc which drives the  venue operators) which is designed to suck in more stupid people who are like sheep, but the real stuff, the good stuff, the surprisingly emotive and meaninglful sounds of an accomplished music artist who actually has something to say. Good musicians are driven underground, forced to find their own audience whilst the big record companies manipulate the market by stacking it with their cheesy pop-star products, many of which are rip-offs of some credible artist's style which they use to attract attention or are already TV celebrities. It does not follow that a singing competition winner or a celebrity is an important artist in cultural terms. Many wannabe pop stars just want to get famous' at any cost and there are many who will pander to that delusion. But fame is a fraud; an illusive, shallow, superficial and false. It is, rather, the delusion that fame can satisfy our longing for admiration and freedom which is the greatest danger to an individual's 'belief and action system' - their narcissism. But freedom is to be found within, and that is precisely why music is so important because it is the activity which above all represents the true heart of humankind and rational economics has no place in that relationship. Music is not a competition, so why have the TV networks opted for the American/Australian 'Idol' format, for no self-respecting singer would appear on such a show. The pressure to emulate other bygone pop stars is tremendously unfair on these novice singers. Though they may have nice voices, their aspiration to be stars has little to do with original, innovative, content. No wonder the world seems to move so fast when the soundtrack to your life is in the hands of greedy corporations who have got your number! Make your choice from the feelings of your own heart and do not listen to what others are 'supposed' to be listening to or buying. That is their life, not yours. Choose the soundtrack to your own life!