ftprints11 (aka Richard Rummery and special guests) is the originator of flexrock, a unique form of modern pop/rock music, gestures and structure which draws upon the Art tradition as much as the fashionable trends and developments of the popular forms. No style of musical expression is out of bounds here, the are all relevant and valid if they are sincerely performed and crafted to evoke real emotions and memories that can heal and nurture the inner self or unite people in collective dancing. Flexrock is a form of musical communication which recognises foremost the needs of the modern listener in its diversity, flexibility and depth. The aim is to create and maintain an intimate and rewarding relationship between the artist and listener without hyperbole, sensational claims and exaggeration which spoils so many acts. Flexrock is music for real people who need a little more sophistication in their pop; expect anything from melodious repetition and beats, to dark poetic excesses and riffs. Rummery is a pop philosopher and songwriter with extremely broad musical influences - from Debussy and Wagner to Zappa, U2 and Kylie. He represents a new breed of original recording musician which was not possible ten years ago such s the pace of change. But Rummery, like many geniuses of history, is always steps ahead of the mainstream pack - which is ironic because flexrock is steeped in the music of the past and aims for a brighter and more expressive future. What is extrordinary about flexrock is its accessibility to the mainstream whilst retaining the all-important credibility required for serious critical attention and longevity. Whilst other major artists have been distracted from their natural artistic development because of industry restrictions and greed, ftprints11 have negotiated a natural course of development which is reflexive on the popular yet always transcending it. Hence, the prolific nature of Rummery's work. Technology and creativity are the markers of all the new generations dealing with constant change, and this is first captured in the spirited and worldy attitude of the new music of the times. But the rush for the new must be tempered by the need of traditional meanings, and it is this commitment to the solid foundation of the possibility of experiencing a 'truth via organised sound' which is the purpose of of flexrock units like ftprints11. Quality songs are what people not only want but need, however the mediocrity and vaccuous music produced by corporate powers today, who are marketing to ever younger and impressionable people because of the slipperiness of the 'public' or market they think they have constructed, yet the individual is free to choose thier own music. The corporate approach manipulates the mind of the individual, but the individual can fight back with their own choices.  This threatens the possibility of being controlled by marketers, paving the way for a 'new enlightenment' led by music. So, unique pop artists who are not compromised by economic and media pressures, like so many are and have been, are even more valuable and represent the future of the changing music - listener relationship.